Former Sergeant qualifies as US Marine

Congratulations to former Sea Bright Ocean Rescue Sergeant-EMT Lane, aka 2 SAM

December 2018:   Our colleague and close friend completed Marine Corps boot camp. Now USMC Pvt Lane has become the second Sea Bright lifeguard to finish specialized military training in 2018.  Lane has completed one of the hardest basic amphibious military training programs in the world.  He will begin AIT next month as well as amphibious assault school in the coming year.  We are super proud of Curran and we hope he will be able to return to the beach soon. We all knew you could do it bro! Very Proud of you. 



The primary mission of Sea Bright Ocean Rescue is to protect the public and prevent drowning by providing a nationally accredited beach safety program utilizing exemplary modern lifeguarding techniques and water rescue procedures.

History of Sea Bright's surf lifesavers

Sea Bright's 2018 Lifeguard Season: Lifesaving Statistics Summary

Roster of 26 Ocean Lifeguards including 12 Ocean Rescue Specialists and 7 EMT's covering 4 public ocean and river  beaches.

1.  Fatal Drownings (guarded)     

2.  Preventative Actions          4,901

3.  Water Rescue & Assists       198

4.  Medical Aid  (EMS)                 25

5.  Minor Medical 1st Aid             87

6.  Missing Person (found)            14 

7.  Surf Rescue Team Activation  50                

Link to USLA National Statistics

Sea Bright Ocean Rescue is a municipal lifeguard service........

With a daily crew of two roving lifeguard supervisors, twelve ocean lifeguards and a dedicated technical rescue team, SBOR provides protection for two public beach areas within the boro and responds to 3.5 miles of privately lifeguarded and unguarded public beach. In addition our Ocean Rescue supervisors and 4 additional  lifeguards oversee aquatic safety  at two public river front beaches  in the Highlands.  

After-hours our USLA certified (ARRT) Surf Rescue Team 43-88 responds throughout the boro and along with Sea Bright Fire Rescue provides  automatic aid for water rescues and critical medical emergencies within Sandy Hook National Park and for the surrounding town's such as the Highlands and Rumson.  Our rescue team is sometimes called  to neighboring boros to assist in the search and recovery of missing swimmers who are presumed drowned, otherwise known as a Code-X. 

2019 Lifeguard Jobs- Screening Candidates Soon!

Do you have what it takes to save a life?

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Lifeguard Operations

Information about Sea Bright's lifeguard services as well as reactive rescue and medical response capabilities.

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Surf Rescue Team SRT 43-88

Sea Bright's multi-departmental 24 hour ARRT aquatic  rescue response team specializing in high surf rescue,  rapid underwater search and rescue medical aid/evacuation, and drowning resuscitation. 

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Rookie School and Ocean Lifeguard Training

2019 Job Announcement for Rookie Ocean Lifeguard and River Safety Lifeguard.

Learn more about our lifeguard training and certification program.

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Junior Lifeguard Program

The Sea Bright Junior Lifeguard program is truly a drowning prevention program and it is the pride of our agency. In 2018 we had well over 250 registered JG's that participated in our water safety and drowning prevention courses. 

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Lifeguard Competitions #tourneyseason

Click on the button below to learn about our small crew competition team led by  Sgt. Andrew Rooney 

2018 Ocean Rescue Relay Boro Invitational Information 


Beach Safety and Warning Flag Criteria

 Information about rip currents, Designated Swim Areas, prohibition of sand holes and flag system

Beach warning flag system and vital water safety information. 

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Our Partners in life safety

Contact an Ocean Rescue Supervisor

Questions or comments or more information about any of our programs:

Ocean Rescue Headquarters

Sea Bright, New Jersey, United States

Beach Office (732) 747 - 1524


Sand Hole Collapse

Intra-agency outreach  training information

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Drowning Resuscitation

 Intra-agency outreach  training information 

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Rip Rescues and Code-X

 Intra-agency outreach  training information 

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