Beach & Ocean Safety

Beach Warning Flags

  • DOUBLE RED-   Water Closed     Life threatening surf and rip currents
  • RED-  High Hazard  strong currents or high dangerous surf 
  • YELLOW - Medium Hazard  moderate currents or moderately dangerous surf
  • GREEN- Low Hazard  Small surf  with some current 
  • PURPLE- Marine Pest or Dangerous Marine Life (excluding shark)

Designated Swim Areas

On both public beaches each seasonal lifeguard chair has a primary responsibility of a 50 yard swim area marked on either side by the days condition flags. All beach patrons are required to swim within the DSA.  No DSA's will be established on Double Red Flag days. 

It is important to remember to swim in front of a lifeguard at all times. 

Beach Safety Tips From The USLA

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Umbrellas and Tents

1.  Beach umbrellas are permitted on our beaches as long as they are set behind our lifeguard stands.

2.  Beach tents and canopies  are permitted so long as there are two completely open sides not including windows or screens. These covers must remain well behind all lifeguard stands.


Sand Holes Kill People !!

Holes and ravines dug by patrons greater than 2 ft deep are prohibited on our beach. Any hole found deeper than 24 inches will be filled in by the lifeguard without hesitation, no questions asked.  

Sea Bright Beach FAQs

Question -   Why do your lifeguards refuse to hand out band-aids to children with minor cuts and scrapes?

Answer: (from the Captain) 

"Band-aids don't prevent sand from entering a wound, they actually trap debris in the wound. In addition band-aids  will not stay on if the child remains at the beach, eventually the water and sand causes it to fall off. We do not want the public including other children contacting  medical waste. Lifeguards will absolutely treat minor cuts and abrasions when requested but the application of band-aids will have to wait until the family is ready to depart the beach."

Escape a Rip Current "The Willis Way"

VIDEO of a Working RIP CURRENT, Drone's Perspective

One of the best videos of a legit rip current we have ever seen. The "Kiddie Eater"

Beach Safety Tips: