Sea Bright Ocean Rescue and Surf Rescue Team


Female Lifeguards Lead the way!


Margot Labreque Ocean Lifeguard

This is 'Mar-got's' second season as a Sea Bright ocean lifeguard following 4 years as a Sea Bright Junior lifeguard and Nipper. Over the years Margot has proven herself as one of the top female competitors in Monmouth County and our top competitive lifeguard in the Boro.  Although Margot can swim and paddle, she 'kills' it as a runner and at the state high school  level she was a force to recon with. 

Some of Mar-got's stats for 2018


2nd in the 2k soft sand run at USLA MAR  Regionals

5th overall at Cape May Women’s Lifeguard Challenge (1st junior division)

9th in the 2k soft sand run at USLA Nationals

Finaled in the run-swim-run at USLA Nationals


Amanda Giannattasio (left) Ocean Lifeguard

Amanda has been an ocean rescue guard for 2 years and she is one of our fiercest competitors. Usually you can see Amanda leading the pack in any beach flag event she enters. Amanda is almost faster in the soft sand than she is on on land.  

 Regionals-  1st in rescue relay

8th in open water 500 meter swim 

10th in run swim run  


2018 Comp Team Stats



Lead by Sgt A Rooney the 2018 comp team mad their mark in Monmouth and Ocean County,  Our team was also part of the Monmouth County contingent at both Regional and National USLA comps.  Sea Bright also competed  at our fourth showing for the Red Bull Surf Rescue Championship.

Here are our 2018 season stats- 

 1) Avon lifeguard tournament 5th place
2) Red Bull tournament in Atlantic City 29th of 50
3) 1st in sea bright surf relays
8th in open water 500 meter swim
10th in run swim run
1st in rescue relay
2nd in regionals for 2k soft sand run
8th in regionals for run swim run
5th place overall cape May challenge
9th 2k soft sand run at nationals
Finaled in run swim run at nationals
9th in finals of run swim run at regionals
11th in finals of 500 open water swim at regionals
Nationals in Virginia Beach- 12th in semifinals for run swim run