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Lieutenant- EMT Robbie Hemphill Makes Early Morning Rescue !

SRT 43-88, usla Certified aquatic rescue response team


ARRT Certification

 On May 1st 2018 Sea Bright Ocean Rescue's Surf Rescue Team 43-88 obtained certification by the USLA as an Aquatic Rescue Response Team placing us in the company of less than 12 teams nationally and one of 2 certified teams in NJ.  We are the only USLA certified  lifeguard agency in the country with a USLA  certified rescue team. 


Ocean Rescue Specialist

Ocean Rescue Specialist

Ocean Rescue Specialist



The Ocean Rescue Specialist is the primary "wet-seat" position on the Surf Rescue Team serving our borough as it's emergency rescue swimmers. Assigned to  the main tower, ATV patrol or Jet-Ski RWC patrol the ORS is the back-bone of North Monmouth County's only USLA certified lifeguard agency technical (aquatic) rescue team. 

The ORS position or Surf Rescue Technician, is a recurrent ocean lifeguard that volunteers for the extra training and responsibilities attached to SRT.  The ORS must have at least 1000 hours experience as an ocean lifeguard and complete extensive scenario testing prior to appointment as a permanent team member. 

The ORS receives advanced training in surf and swift water rescue as well as extra medical training above that of the front line ocean lifeguard. Ocean Rescue Specialists also serve as SBOR's Field Training Officers and have a direct role in training our new hire Rookie lifeguards. 

Aquatic Rescue Response

Ocean Rescue Specialist

Ocean Rescue Specialist

43-88 ATV-1  SRT

 Sea Bright’s surf rescue team has a mission profile of effecting rescue in the surf as well as rescue in the swift waters of the Shrewsbury River. SRT provides after hours water rescue coverage [automatic aid] for National Gateway Park, Sandy Hook as well as mutual aid responses to neighboring beaches and ocean front towns for the purposes of water rescue, sand hole rescue, major medical aid or search and recovery of missing swimmers. 

Sea Bright’s Surf Rescue Team 43-88 was formed in 2015 primarily to fill a critical need for technically trained water rescue personnel performing dedicated reactive response to the unguarded beaches of North Monmouth County NJ. In 2016 SRT began training under USLA ARRT guidelines.  In 2017 river rescue duties were added to the mission profile of the Surf Rescue Team adding a new cache of skills and responsibilities to our Duty to Act. 

SRT has been adhering to the USLA’s Training and Standards for Aquatic Rescue Response Teams as published at since May 2017.


High Surf Rescue

Ocean Rescue Specialist

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X

ORS-EMT  Hemphill  OG SRT member

Our ocean rescue specialists utilize the same rescue and patrol  techniques as Southern California  lifeguards. Our technicians also use the same exact tools (surf rescue fins and Peterson RFD) as our west coast colleagues totally eliminating the need for hundreds of feet of yellow poly-pro land line in the surf zone.  Our lifeguards train in high surf whenever possible and use even the most dangerous of rip currents as tools to effect rescue.

Our ORS lifeguards have a duty to respond to all calls for service 24 hours a day, even in the shadow of hazardous rip currents or austere environmental conditions. No matter what the weather or size of the surf, the ORS is expected to respond and effect rescue under any and all circumstances unless personnel safety is a risk factor that cannot be substantially mitigated.

The surf rescue team will be dispatched to aquatic incidents by VHF county radio and via text alert on their personal phones. During periods of double red flag conditions there are multiple volunteer rescue swimmers on call 24 hours a day waiting anxiously for the inevitable water rescue "job" that is sure to come their way.

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X


The Surf Rescue team has a sub-specialty of underwater (in-shore) search and rescue otherwise known as a Code-X. Using techniques adopted from the USLA and search patterns developed in San Diego CA,  our team has the ability to respond and initiate hasty initial search operations within the first 20 minutes of a submersion and long before organized dive teams have the ability to enter the water. 

SRT practices Code-X operations ad-nauseam  and each one of our technicians is considered a force multiplier  i.e. each team member trains to lead individual search groups staffed with lifeguards and first responders that may or may not be experienced in Code-X operations. 

Aquatic Medical Response

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X

Aquatic Medical Response


Staffing for the surf rescue team includes at least one member of the assigned duty crew to be certified as an EMT or Paramedic. All SRT team members have  specialized training in emergencies that are related to the aquatic environment and specialize in the art of victim stabilization and extrication from crowded beach venues such as our cabana clubs and beach bars.

The surf rescue team practices sand hole collapse  rescue techniques extensively and takes pride in aggressive preventative patrols designed to stop patrons from digging these deadly holes on our beaches. 

Each SRT team member has extensive training in high performance CPR, AED operation, airway management, bleeding control and drowning resuscitation. We are proud to say that we are one of the only NJ beach lifeguard teams that carry portable electric suction units as part of our standard equipment load out thanks to a generous donation of equipment from JFK Health EMS-MICU. 

Outreach Training

Underwater Search and Rescue Code-X

Aquatic Medical Response


Sea Bright's Surf Rescue team has held over 20 [at no-charge] outreach training courses in 2015. 2016 and 2017.All of our training is effected by seasoned ocean lifeguard personnel with real-life legitimate experience performing the same skills they are teaching. Local fire departments, rescue squads  and technical rescue teams have attended our IST training courses learning and performing skills associated with unresponsive victim water rescue, Code-X search operations, drowning resusictation and sand hole collapse.  

Last year we completed instruction  in several advanced training topics with Ship Bottom Beach Patrol, Long Beach Island Township Beach Patrol and  Neptune's advanced Technical Rescue Team. In the 2017 off season SBOR (along with JFK-EMS)  sent a team to teach diver recovery and resuscitation at the Bimini Shark Lab in the Bahamas

The 'presenter' committee for the NJ State EMS Conference invited SRT command staff to present a drowning and aquatic emergency lecture to 2017 conference attendees. 

If your department is interested in attending one of our outreach training courses or your public school wants to schedule a beach safety presentation  please use our home page to contact one of our ocean rescue supervisors. 

VIDEO : Swift Water Rescue - Strainer Pick-off

This video shows SRT personnel practicing the contact, control and rescue of a victim from a fixed object in swift water (outgoing tidal flow.)   Shrewsbury River 2017